Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I won a pair of circle lens from MissKatV.com and K-circlelens.net's Giveaway [late blog post]

When I found out that I won I was so stoked. I'm so lucky 'cause there are a lot of people who joined the giveaway and a lot of entries.

And I got my circle lens from the post mail. Yay! (I forgot when... OMFG, i'm such a loser)whatever

It comes with this cute hello kitty plastic bag

The lens bottles were wrapped with a bubble wrap

Yup.. EOS lenses

I also got this cute yellow frog lens case.



I got them with my own prescription too. Ohh, gray!

The lenses... I've chose the EOS Candy Gray.
I know, the gray color is not kinda showing up in this picture. it's like transparent. 'cause the gray color is light so...

 [With flash]
Me wearing them. lol at my eyebags and  brows. oh god. just don't...

I love these! pretty comfortable! I had to wear this lenses often from now on 'cause my other contact lens want me to pull my eyeballs off. Oh god. Those are the worse ever I have to rub it for long but then when I put them they're super not comfortable and it makes my eyes cry.

Thank you so much to Miss Kat and K-circlelens.net :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Novemeber-December 2011 buys [late blog post]

^ There are my new buys from November-December 2011. One by one I'll tell you where did I bought them and such.

Vintage Style Ecru Dress
I bought this from an online shop, The Ukay and I'm going to wear this later for Christmas celebration with my family. Check theukay.multiply.com for vintage finds.

Jelly Beans Vintage Dress
I bought this from an online shop, The Fab Grab (Check their site at: thefabgrab.multiply.com)and I've wore this dress last Halloween 2011. I just take a bunch of photos wearing it. Haha! that kinda sucks 'cause our town here sucks haha Halloween here's so boring. They didn't have it celebrate. I can't... I love Halloween so much. It's my favorite. Forever. So, it sucks. 
Definitely wearing this dress again soon. I just don't know when or where. Let's see. Oh and I might as well cut it. It's so long, 45" in length.

Bold Shoulders Lace Dress
I bought this dress too from The Ukay (theukay.multiply.com) I still don't have any idea when or where I can wear this dress. Probably, to a formal events or something.

Sheer Shoulders Black Oversize Top
And, this one too from The Ukay (theukay.multiply.com)

Hearts Knit Sweater
I bought this from a thrift store. This is kinda pricey but I love it. I just wore this yesterday and take a bunch of photos wearing it. Haha. I should buy more sweaters I don't know I just feel like buying more. Haha. I'd be the sweater girl. :)

Jesus Shirt
I bought this from St. Paul Church in Sn. Fernando, Pampanga and that's why it says on the back tag "Gawa ni Pablo". I love this shirt so much. Just look at it ♥

 Gray Leopard Flats
I bought this shoes from Jelly Bean. This shoes are just so cute and I'm going to wear this later for celebrating Christmas together with the Vintage Style Ecru Dress. I'm so excited to wear them and take a bunch of photos. Haha :)