Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I won a pair of circle lens from MissKatV.com and K-circlelens.net's Giveaway [late blog post]

When I found out that I won I was so stoked. I'm so lucky 'cause there are a lot of people who joined the giveaway and a lot of entries.

And I got my circle lens from the post mail. Yay! (I forgot when... OMFG, i'm such a loser)whatever

It comes with this cute hello kitty plastic bag

The lens bottles were wrapped with a bubble wrap

Yup.. EOS lenses

I also got this cute yellow frog lens case.



I got them with my own prescription too. Ohh, gray!

The lenses... I've chose the EOS Candy Gray.
I know, the gray color is not kinda showing up in this picture. it's like transparent. 'cause the gray color is light so...

 [With flash]
Me wearing them. lol at my eyebags and  brows. oh god. just don't...

I love these! pretty comfortable! I had to wear this lenses often from now on 'cause my other contact lens want me to pull my eyeballs off. Oh god. Those are the worse ever I have to rub it for long but then when I put them they're super not comfortable and it makes my eyes cry.

Thank you so much to Miss Kat and K-circlelens.net :)

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