Sunday, July 22, 2012

Late blog post: Zel's Birthday July 7, 2012

It's one of my best friends' birthday last July 6, 2012 but she treated us the next day which is July 7 and we really had fun! Matt and I planned to just give her a cake 'cause we have no idea what to give her. The first problem is I didn't get the chance to buy the cake early so I'm planning to buy it afternoon. Okay so she treated us on Max's so Matt had this idea that we're just going to buy her cake at Max's so ya we did. And after our food was served these staffs from Max's started to sing "Happy Birthday from Max's Family" I don't know if I'm correct with that I completely forgot what they're saying. Lol. So ya Zel was shocked and was so shy. lol. The cake was so good man! caramel + chocolate flavor yum! haha. After at Marquee/Max's we go to our house lol haha. Bonding and watched movies. I really love my clowns! Haha. I want them to stay in my life forever.

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