Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Felice post

So this happened. My biggest inspiration post this. and now I'm really regretting that I ombre my hair that I bleached my ends. not just Felice post this but I had to cut my hair short because I will be getting rebond. First is I thought ombre is cool but all it did is OF COURSE dried my ends and after I ombre my hair I didn't even go out of my house always. I mean, only few people saw it. Haha! I thought it was fun. but regrets???
Felice has long healthy black hair. she has really nice hair and her hair is straight! now I want my hair to grow longer if I want my hair not to cut it for 3 years then I am not going to cut it. I am not going to dye my hair or do anything with it except for hair treatments so that my hair will look healthy. THIS POST "My hair wishlist" can always wait *forever* lol just kidding! maybe after 5 years Haha! NO KIDDING. *because my hair takes (long) time to grow, it doesn't grow fast ok!* That's why I'm not kinda fan of my own hair. I think it sucks. I even had to rebond it (and rebonding is expensive as f.) while those perf girls don't do anything special to their hair. I have a big hair and big hair in this city or country is not mainstream dumb people will look at you and they will judge you in their minds. So yeah rebond here is mainstream. god damn. That's it!

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