Sunday, May 27, 2012

SHOP FIND: Favorites from Gypsy Prince Shop and Kreepsville 666

Found some interesting shops online before and I thought I should share it to y'all. These shops are sick! so rad!

Gypsy Prince Shop

is owned by the very beautiful Dollyfoxx...

I like that hair and that gorgeous face and everything about her! Visit her Tumblr at:

A little info about Gypsy Prince said by Dollyfoxx...

"A mystical boutique offering a place of burial for her bag of bones including handmade ☪ Clothing ☪ Lingerie ☪ Embellishments ☪ Artsy Sin ☪ DIY Projects & occasionally ☪ Vintage garments." 

"Gypsy Prince is new to the etsy world & will be debuting collections & mystical pieces every week. Stay tuned & check back often to see new products emerge."

Are you ready for my top picks from Gypsy Prince? I hope you all will like my picks...

I really love those spikes and flowers headband and those cute chokers! Tell me what do you think of them. Comment down below. I will reply! :)

Are you interested with these rad things? then please do check out Gypsy Prince

Next is Kreepsville 666

It's like everyday is Halloween with Kreepsville 666. (It's obvious with their shop name tho. and who doesn't love Halloween? Halloween is my favorite thing ever.) but hey their products are pretty cool.

Check out my favorites from them... (I have a bunch of favorites. Haha!)
Oh my god! sorry for the photos. but you can always check out Kreepsville 666 here please do you guys! they're rad! I swear. A lot of zombies, vamp, eyeballs and etc. If you like those things. Please do visit their shop! :) Love y'all!

What do you think of these shops? Let me know. Comment down below. I will reply :)

Your comments are really appreciated :)
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Thanks so much! 

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  1. kreepsville666's stuff are so cute!
    if only international shipping was cheap ;-;