Sunday, May 27, 2012

SHOP FIND: The Cultlabel Leggings and more

So I'm browsing and saw the post Machine Gun Stockings and I think it's really cool. I also check the shop where it's from and I fell in love on what I saw. I love love their leggings! they have cool styles. SO RAD!!

Here are the leggings I'm talking about. some are sold out but I don't know if they will restock. I thought I should share to y'all 

Check out the bottoms section here

This is going to be a long post (a lot of photos) because I'm going CRAZY over this shop!!! I'm in love ♥

The shoes... THIS IS CRAZY!!

Hands down! these are the coolest!

Check out the shoes section here

and my favorite jewellery from them are...

Favorite! So rad!! ♥

Check out the jewellery section here

ready for the dresses? these are my favorites:

Check out the dresses section here

now on to the tops!! my favorites:

Check out the tops section here

for more check out THE CULTLABEL here

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Do comment if you check out the shop. Have you knew this shop before? buy from them? comments? Let me know. I will reply.

your comments are really appreciated :)
I'd love to receive some 
Thanks so much! 

Much love ♥

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