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SHOP FIND: Firmoo Global Online Optical Store (World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store)

Finally, I will be blogging about Firmoo. I think I really love this shop. I love their eyeglasses, fashionable, stylish with the perfect vision you want. "Vision and Fashion the frugal way" Can you believe that? believe it! I will make you fall in love with Firmoo's glasses! Firmoo is worth your money! I promise. Even though I haven't yet purchase from them. I've read A LOT of reviews from other bloggers which they have great experiences from Firmoo and of course with their amazing glasses. Also, with their shipping it will only take you 1-2 weeks waiting than the other shops I've read from others they will take you 1 month or more? but it will always depends on your country, I think. Love Firmoo because of its affordable glasses yet they have high quality of glasses!

A little info remember if you want to buy from them they currently ship to these countries.. please look for your country:

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papau New Guinea, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,Netherland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, South Korean, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Iceland. 

A little bit about Firmoo:

Buy Prescription Glasses Online at
Firmoo, the online leader in eyewear, stocks a wide range of affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses in cheap price yet high quality. Our eyeglasses frames feature different fashion styles, vary from retro eyeglasses frames to fashion ones, from rimless ones to full-rimmed ones and so forth. These chic yet inexpensive glasses will not only boost your image to a greater level, but also offer you a clear vision.
What We Provide
At Firmoo, the prescription glasses and sunglasses are of various styles and types, so you really need to rack your brain to think it over which style suits you most. We offer Virtual Try-On System that helps you see how you look with glasses or sunglasses provided by Firmoo so as to help you find the right pair for yourself.

What We Promise
All eyewear provided by Firmoo go through strict inspection by our experienced opticians to ensure the quality of frames and the accuracy of lens prescription before shipping. In case you are not satisfied with your eyeglasses, please refer to our Return & Refund policy. We are fully aware that each contented customer is our most worthy investment in promotion.

Want more about Firmoo? or not satisfied with this little info about them? then CLICK THIS LINK for more info!

Here also a little share for you BLOGGERS! Want a free eyeglasses or sunglasses from Firmoo? If yes! then join Free Eyewear for Bloggers of Firmoo

Firmoo is really awesome! Believe it free eyewear!
I actually join and I'm really really hoping that they will pick me. because I have been wanting prescription glasses my whole life. I've always wearing contact lenses when I was 12 and I think it's ruining my eyes lately. they get itchy and some weird jelly transparent thingy shows in my white eyeball. but it's not worst. and I want a different me by wearing glasses. I want my glasses really stylish and the desire for my vision and Firmoo is the perfect shop. but for now I'm just really hoping. Pray for me also you guys that I will get pick by Firmoo. :) Love y'all! ♥

and now... I will show y'all my favorites from the Firmoo...

My number one favorite..

Unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses ( #OK2064S )

I've always wanted this :)

Top picks number two...

Unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses ( #SD2299 ) in Black(C001), Black,Matt(C002), Tortoise(C004)

Top pick number three...

Unisex full frame acetate eyeglasses ( #CSMY8516 ) in Black,Pattern(C02)

No. 4

Unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses ( #SD2266 ) in Pattern(C03), Tortoise(C004), Black(C001)

No. 5

Unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses ( #SD2300 ) in Black(C001) and Black,Blue(C048)

No. 6

Unisex full frame metal eyeglasses ( #LYSJ744 )

Harry Potter's style glasses! :)

and also my favorite RX Sunglasses from Firmoo are...

Unisex full frame wrap-around metal sunglasses ( #OTO2355 ) in Black(C11) and Chocolate(C4)

John Lennon inspired sunglasses! love love this! ♥

Unisex full frame wrap-around plastic sunglasses ( #OTO2580 ) in Blue,Silver(C7) and Black,Silver(C1)

There you go.. I hope you like my top picks from Firmoo. I obviously like retro/vintage eyeglasses. What do you think of them? Comment down below. I will reply :)

And  Please please do check out Firmoo for a bunch of more  fashionable, stylish and best for your vision eyeglasses. They have really a lot of awesome eyeglasses please do check them out! :)

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