Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kerli style and music

Everybody knows and loves Kerli or a.k.a. Kerli Kõiv! Haven't you heard of her before? then read on and see photos of her I'm sure you will fell in love with her fashion style and music. I love her and everything about her is so precious. Of course love her fashion style it's inspired by japanese fashion and bubble goth! That is so rad! and she's so beautiful!

When I first discovered her I listen to her music on YouTube or videos of her. back then her style was like a Lolita goth and now she's going all colorful. but I love either way she's just so lovely. So, What are the videos I first seen of her? Walking On Air, Tea Party, and Love Is Dead I'm in love with the creepy style too! HEY! It's goth ♥

She's so talented. she sing, she make music and everything with music. she's creative because come on! her outfits are rad. She even share tutorials on her Buzznet and DIYs  with shoes and such. Btw, check her Buzznet here. She's even one of the Buzzmakers! So cool.

Behind the scenes photos of Kerli's newest video 'Zero Gravity'

Watch Kerli's Zero Gravity video here!

Kerli at the Billboard Music Awards 2012

She's so gorgeous! I love this hairstyle of her!

Here are Kerli's Mirror Mirror outfits and such... (which my favorite about her) *I'm drooling* *perfect* those outfits, shoes, platforms, that hair, that face and everything about her is perfect!

 Can I have this choker too? please?!
 the hair
 platforms! love

 This is the coolest thing.

 Loving this 90's inspired teddy bear madness + Bjork/Gwen Stefani hair.

 neon colors *.* cool

This is rad! pastel~
 I love that outfit. the top and the skeleton leggings.

Have you knew her before? Are you a fan of her? Comments? Comment down below. Let me know. I will reply :)

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