Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hair Wishlist #1 + Funkystreaks

I thought I should share with y'all my hair wishlist. Do you like crazy/weird hair colors too? then I love you! I want to dye my hair when high school's over or next year's summer :)

I'm really a fan of blue-green! I've always wanted dyeing my hair like that my whole life. but y'know my parents and my country. sometimes I always think "Fuck normality" to give myself courage. haha! Oh hey if ever I'm going to dye my hair like this. I'mma buy my dye from Funky Streaks and I'm going to buy the  MANIC PANIC CLASSIC - ENCHANTED FOREST and MANIC PANIC CLASSIC - ATOMIC TURQUOISE which are my favorite hair colors from their shop.

Do check out Funky Streaks. If you want to dye your hair weird! :) Funky Streaks is based in Philippines. Yay!
This girl is amazing! She sing and I love her hair and her style. Check out her blog!

Love this girl! She's my biggest inspiration. sucks that I have to cut my hair short because I ombre my hair and I had to get my hair rebond so... I just want to grow my hair super long just like Felice's hair. *she's so beautiful!!!* *perfect* *fangirling*

Of course I have to put Marceline here. I'm just so jelly with her long hair. *why did I cut my hair I wish I did not ombre my hair!!!!* ugh regrets? haha! I'm not going to cut my hair for 2 years. oh my god! I SWEAR!!

and my hair right now looks Marceline's short hair...

but she's young in that hair


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  1. yeah! love the freaky hair colors! *-* find all posts very good and interesting <3


    ps. YOU ROCK IT!

  2. Hi. Thanks so much lovely :)
    It's so kind of you.

    ♡ Much love ♡