Saturday, May 26, 2012

SHOP FIND: Creepyyeha

Because I'm just so in love with this shop. I'm going to blog and share it with y'all. So here goes... Do you love goth enough? I recommend this shop for you to check out!

Most of their products are influenced by japanese street fashion, fetish and halloween. It is a mix of goth and princess with a naughty twist.

I'm really loving this shop! Their products are most have of spikes and flowers. and I super love spikes and flowers! I obviously love goth! yes :)

So, who is the owner of this rad shop?

Her name is Yeha

"Spiked Heartie Crop Top" also up from the shop!

*That is the perfect body ever* :)

I'm absolutely in love with her style and her fashion. Everything from her shop is handmade by her. She's so talented and beautiful! *fangirling*

I'mma show y'all some of her amazing products! are you ready? 

 Harness Collar

Babydoll Shoe Accessory

Black Ringed Babydoll Wrist Cuff

Strawberry Plum Choker

Raven Choker

Bodycage Harness Garter Belt

Belled Babydoll Choker

Sweetie  Bell Choker

Black Babydoll Cuff

Spiked Babydoll Headband

Spiked Knee Cuffs

Strapped Harness

Heartie Harness

 Some of their products are around from 1000-2000+ pesos or $20-$50

Please do check out the shop here

Do comment here if you did check out the shop or you buy from them or anything. Let me know. I will reply.

your comments are really appreciated :)
I'd love to receive some 
Thanks so much! 

Much love ♥

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