Sunday, June 3, 2012

BAZOOKA FESTIVAL: What I'm going to wear at the Festival.. ideas

Marina always inspire me a lot. So I'm dedicating what I will wear on this coming Bazooka Festival 2012 to her because I just love her so much and her style and her music and everything about her! I got weird mind, I know. even though the festival will be on September 30. This is just my advance plans. yes that's what I call it.

onto my advance plans...

I should do the ribbon tie headband. yeah because Marina always wear ribbon headbands.

Also, I like this dress of Vail kinda close to Marina's dress/style.

I should go to thrift stores for these kind of dresses. :)

don't forget that belt! :)

She like to wear knit cardigan /sweater too. and yeah, that's it. I'll be looking on some thrift stores yay!!!

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