Monday, June 18, 2012


This is nice and very true. If anyone who disagree with me well then you must be very pretty huh? Lolol joke but hey I mean this is true seriously okay maybe you can't relate with me on this one but I don't know whatever. I'm not pretty. So no one really cares about me and with that I won't let myself down, never. This will inspire me to love myself and to believe in me. If no one will care about me then I fucking will. It's all me.

It’s alright to be confused because everybody’s confused and I think that the sooner that you can kind of realize that you’re not the only one that feels lost… I think that’s the reason that I attach myself to music that I listen to and that’s why I listen to music because it’s therapeutic and it helps with everything. - John O’callaghan

Fuck, fuck, fuck. John I love you so much! so much. Ladies and gents.. my hero. He is my spirit animal and inspiration. This man is genius and one of the most great people I know. I thank him so much for everything. I love this man so much and I will always say that all the time. He's so perfect. and of course, I love The Maine so much, forever.

 and this video too. Oh my god. I'm crying. okay. okay...
oh my fucking god. ok. ok.


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