Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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So yeah I can say that I'm the most ambitious person you'll ever know. I really like to plan what will I do or want to be in the future or when I get older. First thing is I have to stay in school (you too!) I'm trying my best not to get lazy sometimes. If you study too go get your ass in school. It's only the way to be on the top! When I graduate then yay! proud! get a job and do everything I want to be more successful because I fucking can. I say this all the time to myself work hard stay humble and be nice to people. I'm highly influenced by these two people I know over the internet who are very successful these days, they're Nikkilipstick and Jac Vanek so inspirational people. I'd love to be like them in the future. Being ambitious makes me strive more on things and with life. My goals and dreams are what I live for. I will do everything to have them all and I won't rush. I can be patient. I'm still young.

I love myself because no one will. I believe in me. I can be selfish, bitter, fake and the most kindest person you'll ever met (well if you feel my personality or attitude then I will like you). Deal with it. If you're the bitchiest person I will ever met well then fine I don't have the right to judge (that's you) but I can play fake sometimes ;) xoxo

Oh I will also have to share this with y'all. The most greatest words of Rocco that will make your day :) I should read this everyday. He's so great <3

You can be afraid that you are missing out on life.
But thinking you are missing out is when you actually miss out on life.
no one is perfect. we are all the same.
if someone else can do it you can do it, even possibly better.
Never let anything get you down. if you fail SO FUCKING WHAT.
get back up and try it again.
if you think about life ,
the worst thing that can happen is that you die. but who said dyeing is even that bad. 
I like to think of life as one big video game with a million lives.
Every time you fail you just start over with a new life. 
just deal with the shitty moments and enjoy the good ones. 
if you’re bummed just go do ANYTHING. 
we can literally do anything in life. 
work hard  will get you anywhere. 
change your shitty mind set & just see the lighter side to life. 
everyone is afraid of what they are going to be in life. NO ONE has the answers.
we don’t need to know why we are on this earth.  just do what makes you feel good inside & then die.

random thoughts, 
-Rocco The Great

This is me. Still reaching the top or number one and who's someday will. xoxo

you too! make your dreams come true loves <3

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