Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! - ♡ My Electra Skulls ♡

I'm super excited to save up some money.. how do I save up money? by just attending school and y'know they give me money for school everyday so... yeah!
why am I saving money for? I would love to open my own shop soon! Uhm, I'd try to do it online though but I'm still thinking about it, I'm senior now in high school and I'm sure I'll be busy in school so that's another extra busy on my schedule but I still don't know...
I'm selling sugar skull hair clips soon! so how's that sound? I'm still thinking about doing other hair clip styles but I'm running out of ideas!! These sugar skulls I'm going to sell soon are inspired from Charlavail's! She's really talented and I adore her artworks!

What I'll be needing (I'm just gonna leave these right here, ok.):

1. Sculpey Bake Shop Clays (I'd buy from *still thinking about ordering bulk* *I will really saving up big time*) I'm so happy that I found that shop!
2. Color paints (I'm trying to keep 'em pastel colored)
3. Paint brushes (huhuhuhu I know I'll be spending a lot on making these SSlls)
4.  Sculpey Glaze Satin (P280 from TSM)

Another idea! I should make few sugar skulls first then I'll ask some friends/people if they like them well if they want to buy them. If I get a lot of people want my sugar skulls then I'll have to make tons hahahaha! :)

I'm just so excited to have my money can't wait!!! so that for at least once I'll be doing interesting thing with my life. LOL!!!

To make things clearer here's the EDIT!:


because I'm just so excited to make my electra skulls, yes I call them that. Why? Marina has been giving me inspiration lately as well Charlavail (they'll be continuing to inspire me or influenced me, because they're so great and I love them) and I thought I will combined Marina's new album which is 'Electra Heart' and Charlavail's sugar skulls into My Electra Skulls. yup, clear? yea :)

Here's some computation. *I'm just going to leave this right here! okiedokie*

Supplies needed:
• Sculpey clay
• Oven
• bobby pins
• glue (I'm still thinking where can I buy a strong glue as in super strong! I heard of E- 600 but I don't think they sell them here.)
• Sculpey satin glaze
• acrylic paint
• liquid leaf gold
• paint brushes

• Make original skull out of sculpey clay
• bake clay at 275 F for 15 min per 1/4" thickness
• press skull into block of sculpey clay to create mold
• put clay in oven same time/temp
• create as many skulls as desired using your mold. cornstarch helps release clay from mold
• bake skulls same time/temp
• paint skulls
• coat with satin glaze
• glue bobby pin to back and let sit over night

Budget: 2, 500php

10 pcs - Sculpey Bakeshop 2oz Clays (850php)
1 Sculpey Satin Glaze  (280php)
= 1130php

2, 500 - 1130 = 1370php

php1370 for acrylic paints, paint brushes, glue, bobby pins

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