Saturday, June 16, 2012

yeah idk

So I'm just gonna blog my feelings out here ohmygod feelings yeah dumb. I hate the feeling that no one even likes me? I mean not the love love thing OK but everyone! I was asking some friends what are their first impressions of me and I got serious, quiet, emo (goddamn, matthew I am not. Faggot.), idk bitchy or mean or ill tempered(omg idk ill tempered??) (what the fuck SO WRONG loves) That's just first impressions of me but those are all wrong wow like oh my god people. I really hate this feeling just fucking talk to me and get to know me okay. I should get this straight I think some my classmates are bitchy or mean but I don't know let's see I'm not so sure. If you want to be my friend then okay. but like right now I don't understand people like eww i don't even know. What a bitch and mean cunt. you fucking cunt. YOU FUCKING MEAN. If I'm nice to you then get what I want back then be fucking nice okay. I just really want to stay quiet now because people are dumb as fuck. like UGH fucking dumb stupid whores. I just want to stick with my friends now (those who stayed)

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