Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gay Post

Lol. Hey! I just got home from my cousin's house they blessed the house (omg yeah idk yes haha) and yeah I like their new house, it's not totally finish but soon and yeah I was amazed with the lights from their house. Oh oh oh it's Father's Day today haha! I never had the chance to greet my grandfather and my father. I'm too shy. but yeah I love them. (omg haha) My social life today... (0) damn it! no one talk to me I mean not much but I kinda like not talking sometimes because I have nothing interesting to say..ugh. 
So onto my gay thoughts (oh my god yes this is about the love thing damn it) I wish when I'm 20, my future boyfriend would be attractive, funny, who's personality is smoking, who talk and tell a lot of things because I just want to listen to his voice, height is 6 ft. (Ok ok I like tall guys because ya know tall guys are attractive!!! and my dream height right now is 5'8 so I have to be really fit to get that height OMGOMG soon ok), fit, white (idk I wish he's half filipino and half american or IDK just american please? gimme omg I sound like a slut but no no noooo HAHAHA), do fashion, great on his fashion sense, respectful, kind, nice, have great talents, maybe who sings or play instruments like ohmygod I know, I have high standards that's why when I'm 20 or idk younger than 20 like 16,17,18,19 HAHAHAHAHA OMFG I'd love to be fit and dressed well and stuff OK ya know what I mean. I wish I can find a guy that all have those things, imagine having a boyfriend like that omg I'd totally marry him god damn. OMG this is so gay but just saying ya know. future boyfriend please please be that kind of a guy oh please God :) so yeah that's all of my gay thoughts, xoxo.

Ed Sheeran - Drunk

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