Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happenings this week

  • So school starts last June 6, Wednesday and it's going really good I really hope I will be close to all of my classmates and make more friends. 
  •  Still thinking of Bazooka rocks
  • Just chilling drinking my mountain dew/slurpee 
  • Scrolling down on Tumblr (OM! tumblr is getting boring right now. IDEK. Uhhgh)
  • Going to Church/Mass every Saturday now.
  • Be more closer to God :)
  • Waiting for my sister to come home she has the iPod I gotta take pictures. Haha!
  • The feels of 4th year high school when it gets longer... BUSY! Pressure!
  • thinking...
  • thinking of Marina L. D. ~inspiration~
  • thinking of school 
  • We'll be singing our school hymn one by one in front of the class. OMF next week monday
  • Manny vs. Bradley tomorrow OMFG IDK OK
  • Hoping for more people to join my Firmoo giveaway!
  • I'm not sure if I like what I post on my Tumblr blog recently. I THINK MY REBLOGS RECENTLY ARE BORING. HELP
  •  I want more Marina and the Diamonds photos and updates. huhuhu :(
  • This is so me everyday.... Oh right great. doesn't want me to put the .gif below so yeah above there!

  • Listening to music. this is your life.
  • I just love Marina's NUMB, I play that song A LOT. everyday.
  • yeah marina's songs & bandssssssssss
  • me... i'm bored. heeeeeeey! oh again. above! WHY?!


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